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If you're in search of replacement Hyundai auto parts or accessories, start your search at Lougheed Hyundai. We carry a comprehensive selection of genuine Hyundai parts to make your vehicle feel fresh and run like new again. You may be tempted to save some money in the short term or save some time by searching for aftermarket vehicle parts online or at that shop down the road from you, but we heavily caution you against this. Only genuine OEM parts will fit your vehicle perfectly whereas aftermarket parts will just be "good enough" and if there's one thing we can all agree on when it comes to your vehicle, it's that "good enough" just doesn't cut it. Using cheaper aftermarket parts in your vehicle can cause more harm than good, so while they may save you a few dollars right now, they'll likely cost you hundreds more down the road. That's why at Lougheed Hyundai, our Parts Centre is here for your Hyundai auto part needs.

We'll not only help you find the right part for your particular make and model, we'll offer you advice on how to best install it or, if you're not the handyman type, we'll install it for you! 

Not sure what part you need? Bring your vehicle to us and we'll help you troubleshoot. If you do happen to know what part you need, you can order your Hyundai auto parts online using our fast and easy to use form. Simply fill out some information about your vehicle and the part needed, leave us your contact information, and we'll be in touch to confirm your order and contact you once more when the part is ready for you to pick up. We are sure to have the part you need in our vast OEM parts inventory but, in the event that it is not in stock, we can order it in for you and have it ready in a couple of days. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance via our online contact form, over the phone at 604-523-3008, or in person at 1288 Lougheed Highway in Coquitlam, BC.

And in the event that we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we’re happy to let our customers benefit from our wide supplier network by placing a prompt order.

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